Christian Counseling

Christian Counseling

If you’re searching for help with life’s issues from a Christian perspective, Dr. Phyllis Davis and Reverend Carrol Davis at The Journey Pathways to Healing of Greenville, SC, offer faith-based therapy, family therapy, trauma therapy, addiction therapy, couples therapy, and more through Christian counseling.

How Seeking Christian Counseling Can Help You Navigate Life’s Struggles

Life is a tricky thing to manage, even when there are nothing but ordinary daily issues at play. When you add in other stressors, such as addiction, relationship issues, or trauma, life becomes even more difficult. And when you are trying to navigate these issues while standing strong in your faith, it can be confusing – but it’s not impossible. Dr. Davis and Reverend Davis at The Journey Pathways to Healing in Greenville, SC, explain how Christian counseling through faith-based therapy can help below.


We all know that society has its ideas about how to handle various issues, but those ideas don’t always follow the Biblical principles that believers hold dear. It can be hard to find your way through challenges with such conflicting concepts. However, faith-based counseling can help you set priorities, determine your needs, and act according to your beliefs.

Comprehensive Care

In many cases, therapy tends to focus only on a person’s emotional and psychological aspects. However, the overlooked or ignored spiritual aspect can impact the emotional and psychological experience. Healing and wholeness require that all aspects be addressed. Christian counselors help ensure that the spiritual aspect is addressed alongside everything else.

Christian Perspective

How often do you wonder why God lets a certain thing happen or is allowing your family to go through hard times? It’s not uncommon for Christians to have such thoughts, especially when they feel exhausted from an ongoing battle.

Christian therapy helps you see things from a Biblical view. The answers to our questions can be found in Scripture, but we don’t always know where to look or how to apply that Scripture to our lives. Christian counselors can help you discover and understand the answers, as well as pray with you, help you achieve forgiveness, and more.

Whether you’re looking for faith-based family therapy, trauma therapy, addiction therapy, couples therapy, or therapy for other challenges, we may be a good match for you. Schedule a Christian counseling session with Dr. Davis and Reverend Davis at The Journey Pathways to Healing in Greenville, SC, by calling (864) 449-4867.

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