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Your Thoughts Create Your Reality...Think Truth!
by Dr. Phyllis and Rev. Carrol Davis


My Hope

Originally published in Step12Magazine issue March-April 2016

We constantly strive toward becoming who we were created to become. Sometimes the journey is a delightful mountain top experience; other times a lonely desert of fear, sadness, or depression. Once I believed that commitment to a twelve-step program promised a safe, secure and trouble free future. Read More...

Succeeding with your New Year's Resolutions

Originally published in Step12Magazine issue December 2016

"Happy Holidays,” “Happy New Year,” the most wonderful time of the year; or was it? When all of the hustle and bustle is over, many people suffer from problem relationships, marital difficulties, eating disorders, alcoholism, issues with the in-laws, financial problems, and work-a-holism. The belief that the holidays should have been a joyous time of year seems to be a myth. Read More...

A Life of Service

Originally published in Step12Magazine issue March 2017

“It is more blessed to give than to receive.” Why? This is probably an expression you have heard most of your life. Is it true? If it is true, why is it true and how does it work? Read More...

Perfect Love

Originally published in Step12Magazine issue April 2017

It is important to make special note of significant events in our lives: marriage, birth of a child, earning a degree, purchasing our first home, and paying off our home. Did you ever consider marking the milestones of your spiritual journey? Our walk with our higher power is the most important and critical part of our recovery process, yet, after years in the program, how many of us take our new life for granted? Read More...

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