Perfect Love

It is important to make special note of significant events in our lives: marriage, birth of a child, earning a degree, purchasing our first home, and paying off our home. Did you ever consider marking the milestones of your spiritual journey? Our walk with our higher power is the most important and critical part of our recovery process, yet, after years in the program, how many of us take our new life for granted?

The Bible talks about the milestones of our lives in terms of monuments, telling us about monuments that were erected at various points in biblical history to mark the event of victory over enemies. Do we make note of the victories in our lives, the changes in our relationship with Christ?

We have been on a specific spiritual journey for quite some time. We’ve been looking at the words of the scriptures, the promises of Christ and our beliefs. Do we truly believe in our hearts what our mouths have confessed? Have we totally trusted Christ in all things, or do we just say we do?

Our most recent test came about four years ago. Without notice the disability insurance company quit paying our insurance which amounted to half our monthly income. We were faced with the same accounts payable and half the previous income to meet expenses. We were terrified. We say the Lord will provide—but will He? Maybe He will not provide the things we want. We say all things work to our good. Do we really believe that in our hearts? If so, why were we so stressed out about our situation? We found that we believed in our heads—not in our hearts.

Over the next months and years we struggled with those thoughts that did not line up with the word of God and looked at the beliefs that were causing us stress. When we found a belief that invoked fear, we took that thought captive to the Word of the Scriptures and the promises of Christ. It was a hard several years—not because of our circumstances—but because of what we believed to be true about our circumstances. We say the Lord is our refuge in times of trouble but if we truly believed that in our hearts, we would not fear. We say perfect love casts out fear so why were we afraid? We feared we would lose our home. Where would we live? What would our lives be like given this new situation? We say the Lord has plans to prosper us and to give us hope and a future. Yet; if we really believed that, we would have been in perfect peace and we were not.

When Christ brings us through, we must celebrate and acknowledge all that He has done. Applying the Word of God during difficult times is when we learn to trust Him more. Celebrate the deliverance and give credit to your higher power.

Three short years ago, we were afraid we would loose our home, had times when we did not know what we would eat, much less pay bills. Today we reflect on the trip of a lifetime as the Lord not only delivered us from our dire financial situation but has given us many additional blessings: a published book of our journey that has received five star reviews, a published workbook that was recommended by a noted Christian Author, receipt of the Christian Author’s Award in counseling and recovery, and a full practice. A milestone has been this walk through terrifying experiences and trusting His provision when we could not see.

Thank you Daddy for our amazing trip that marks this milestone in our lives: You brought us through the valley of a belief in financial ruin to the promise land of abundance (a trip to seven countries, a cruise, six nights in Paris, airfare and entertainment for the cost of a vacation in the USA).

Who would have thought? Who would believe? We asked and He provided. “You don’t have because you don’t ask” became an experienced verse in the scriptures, not just words on a page. Will this always work? Of course not! It is not always in our best interest; but when the desires of our heart line up with the plans He has for us, it is amazing what He can and will do. Thank you Lord for an amazing vacation; the one that serves as a milestone to us: “What time I am afraid, I will trust in Thee.”

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